Client Case Examples

Group CEO succession candidate

A successful Group Executive, managing a major division, had been identified as a candidate for Group CEO. The development support focused on expanding horizons and exploring ways in which the individual might undertake the new role, help the executive understand the breadth of the role, and satisfy themselves that this was a challenge they wanted.  This led to a successful transition to Group CEO. 

Two possible succession candidates

Two senior functional leaders had been identified as possible CEO successors.  The organisation decided to provide each with an Adelante mentor to optimise their chance of being successful.  The focus was on helping each individual to understand the broader requirements of the more senior role and how they each could best develop their capabilities for the challenge. 

Difficulties leading the team

A senior manager in a financial services organisation had a polished performance in public but difficulties in leading their team – including delegation, missed opportunities, and mistake avoidance.  They were also a candidate to be the next CEO, but a reluctant starter for the role. Asking them to consider what life would be like if the ‘other person’ got the role, they became focused on the challenge, moved from ‘command and control’ to ‘leading the people’ and their role was expanded to a national, then Asia Pacific one.  

Ex-pat on-boarding

An expat executive moved to Australia to head a large division with major growth and cost challenges.  Whilst they had significant expertise in the field and strong potential, the organisation provided an Adelante mentor to help build an understanding of the Australian environment, gain real clarity on the strategic issues that they faced, and help with the development of both an actionable business plan and the challenges of leadership in a restructure.