Team Alignment

We identify the critical priorities, gain buy-in from team members and focus people on team behaviour and delivery. 

We partner with the team leader, to jointly develop (with the team) a strategic operating plan, which the team aligns to and implements. 

We use an Executive Team Workshop Format. These workshops have proven to be highly effective in identifying and addressing growth opportunities meaningfully.  Having aired issues and worked in an open and constructive way, teams come away with a plan they find energising and aligned to their mutual goals. 

Underlying the plan is a goal alignment approach. We focus the team on their mutual challenges and how they need to collaborate to find and implement solutions. Our approach seeks to identify salient issues impacting team cohesion, and work with team members to improve team dynamics and productivity. 

We support implementation of the plan, which normally means facilitating quarterly plan updates.  Ad hoc consultation is also a key facet of our approach in ensuring the plan is effectively implemented and course correction undertaken as and when necessary.